Why Free-to-Play MMORPGs Aren’t Really Free

Are Free To Play MMORPGs Really Free?

Are Free To Play MMORPGs Really Free?

Massively multiplayer online role playing games, also known as MMORPGs, have been among the most popular online games available for well over a decade now. Whether it’s the industry standard World of Warcraft or the punishingly difficult EVE Online, MMOs exist in a variety of genres and can quickly become very popular, especially when a new one is just being released. However, one of the longest-running pitfalls to playing MMOs has always been the fact that they require a monthly subscription fee in order to access their content. You may have recently heard about how some major MMORPGs, such as Star Wars: The Old Republic, have gone “free to play,” which means that there is no monthly subscription fee, and anyone is allowed to download the software and begin playing with no up-front cost. While this might seem like a great deal at first, you should keep several things at the forefront of your mind before you clear up the space on your hard drive to start installing the game. “Free to play” doesn’t always mean free.

Playing As a Non-Subscriber Costs You More In Time

While you might not be spending any of your hard-earned dollars on a subscription fee each month, you’re certainly going to have to invest even more time into playing the game in order to obtain the same level of enjoyment as someone who is paying to play each month. This is because the companies running these games still need to make money, and so when a game is made free-to-play, a number of features are removed from the game and reserved for those who subscribe. This can mean it takes longer for you to earn experience and level up, or it could mean that features like group chat or mounts (items that allow you to move faster) are completely unavailable to your free character. If the features aren’t outright unavailable, then they’re likely to take a huge amount of playing time to obtain. The idea is, of course, that you’ll end up becoming frustrated enough to subscribe if you want to keep playing. Keep this in mind before you invest your time in a free to play MMORPG.

Your In-Game Rewards Won’t Be As Good

Games That Cost Have Many Advantages

Games That Cost Have Many Advantages

One of the main driving forces behind MMORPG game play is finding and equipping better gear for your character, and chances are you won’t be able to get most of the great gear as a free player. Instead, you’ll probably be expected to spend your money on microtransactions for a game currency or individual items in order to purchase what you actually want for your character. Ask yourself if this is really worth it, because you could easily end up spending more money on microtransactions than a monthly subscription costs without even realizing it. Beware the lure of a free game that comes with a well-stocked digital store full of items and gear for you to buy.

Free to Play Games Could Shut Down Suddenly

Free MMORPGs Are Time Consuming

Free MMORPGs Are Time Consuming

Even if you manage to avoid burning out on the game as a free player and you invest a lot of your time and effort into having fun with the game for as little money as possible, an MMORPG that was made free-to-play could suddenly shut down because the company is no longer able to sustain the costs of running it. This would wipe out your characters and all the time you poured into the game. Chances are a game that primarily runs on monthly subscriptions won’t have this problem because there will be a vested interest in maintaining that subscriber base. While most MMORPGs will eventually be shut down, you should be careful about which ones you decide to invest your time in so that you don’t end up wasting time and money on a game that disappears overnight.

All about Pegging: How to Convince Him to Try

Convince Him To Try Pegging

Convince Him To Try Pegging

Pegging probably isn’t something that you’ve ever seriously considered. In fact, you might not have ever even heard about it before. If that’s the case, then it’s time to get educated, because it can be an amazing way to spice up your sex life. Pegging is when you, as a woman, get to switch roles up a little bit and be the one in control. You perform anal sex on your guy by wearing a strap-on dildo. If this sounds totally weird to you, it’s understandable – but don’t write it off right away. You might be wondering what the point of pegging is, why you should want to try it, and most of all how to convince your guy that he should let you try it out. Most guys are going to seriously balk at something like this. For some reason, they’ll worry about whether or not it’s “gay” – which it clearly isn’t, since it is being done by a woman. While it can be difficult to soothe men’s fragile egos and convince them that this is something they should let you try, it is definitely worth doing so. If you’re intrigued, then here is everything you would ever need to know about pegging, how to do it, and how to convince him to try it.

Why You Should Want to Try It

You might be wondering why you would want to bother giving pegging a try. After all, you don’t actually have a penis so there’s not going to be much in the way of sensation for you, right? Well, while it’s true that it isn’t like the “real thing”, pegging can still be pleasurable for both parties. There are some strap-on rigs that actually have a way to pleasure you while you thrust into your guy, but even if you don’t have one of those, there’s still quite a bit of pleasure to be had just from the mental aspect of pegging. Having control over a guy and being the one to do the fucking for once can be a seriously stimulating experience, even if it’s all in your head. There’s something special about watching a man come undone underneath you because of what you’re doing to him, no matter if you’re talking about vaginal sex or pegging. It’s a great way to spice up your sex life, so it’s definitely worth giving it a shot if you’re curious.

How to Convince Him

Do Not Push Him... Go Slow

Do Not Push Him… Go Slow

The hard part here is convincing your boyfriend or sexual partner that he should actually let you try this. Guys can be super sensitive about the idea of things going up their butt, even though they’re plenty comfortable asking us women to let THEM put things up our butt all the time. He’s probably going to balk at the idea and stammer about how it’s gay, but you’ll be able to win him over in time if you’re patient. Reassure him in his masculinity and let him know that it is definitely not gay and that he’s not going to start chasing after all the boys after getting pegged. Introduce him to the wonders of his prostate – starting with just a finger is probably the best way to go, since he’s not going to want to go straight for pegging. Once he realizes just how good it can feel, he might just come around.

How to Do It Properly

Anal Sex Can Be Good If It's Done Correctly

Anal Sex Can Be Good If It’s Done Correctly

It’s important to do this properly so that you don’t hurt him or just make a mess of things. Obviously as with all anal sex, it’s important to make sure he cleans himself out properly beforehand. If you’re going to be sticking any fingers up there, make sure to wear a glove. As with anything anal, make sure to use an excessive amount of lube. The more lube, the easier things will be. Stretch him out carefully and maybe more than you might think is necessary, and go slowly. It’s all about communication. Make sure he understands to tell you if anything feels weird or painful. There are plenty of how-to guides on anal sex, and you may want to study up before you give pegging a try. You will want to make sure that you go slowly, because it’s easy to wind up getting too enthusiastic or going too fast, and that can hurt him if you’re not careful. Find out what feels good for him and focus on that, because you want to make sure he feels good above all else. Otherwise, you’ll never be able to convince him to try it again.

How a Touch of Tardiness Improves Morale

Improve Morale By Being A Friendly Boss

Improve Morale By Being A Friendly Boss

Although the ability to be on time is considered a virtue, being a little late can actually be good for you. This is especially true in the workplace where different employees have different working styles. If an employee performs well, but they’re not so great at being on time, it’s worth evaluating the situation to see if it might be better to change their schedule. If being late is interfering with their work, that’s another story. Some employees will actually function more effectively, though, if they’re not forced to stick to a rigid schedule. Occasionally, in fact, the insistence on clocking in on the hour will push employees to be less efficient and anxious about the time clock. Every employer is different, though, just like every employee. Here are a few reasons why allowing a touch of tardiness can actually improve staff morale.

Five Minutes Doesn’t Break the Bank

Five minutes isn’t too long to wait for someone to clock in, unlike half an hour. If you’re going to allow employees a little flexibility around the time they clock in, you should make clear from the beginning exactly what the time frame will be. If you don’t want someone clocking in half an hour late, then say so. If the grace period is 15 minutes, then set that boundary from the beginning, and don’t lull your employees into a false sense of security. The most important thing to remember, though, is to only allow flexibility that doesn’t directly interfere with someone’s ability to do their job effectively. Therefore, while five minutes might not break the bank, missing a meeting because someone is half an hour late does. That type of behavior potentially loses clients and makes the entire company look bad, so just make sure that everyone understands exactly how you’ll be implementing the relaxed clock-in times.

Setting down Rules That Work in a Relaxed Workplace

Give them 5 More Minutes

Give them 5 More Minutes

It’s hard to balance rules with a relaxed workplace, but it’s possible. For the most part, you’ll find your employees are relatively reasonable. If you lay down the law early in a professional manner, you probably won’t find much resistance to it. This is especially true since most employers don’t take the nontraditional point of view that not structuring shifts around rigid, traditional hours is a good idea. They’ll be grateful for your trust in them, and as long as they’re reliable and invested in the job, return the respect by showing up when they need to be in the office. You need to set up the boundaries from day one, though, and make sure that everyone understands exactly what the terms of this arrangement are. Don’t allow anyone to try and pull one over on you or take advantage of the system. Once you give employees a little room to breathe with their shift start time, they’ll be much more affable to playing on your team. You should also make clear that the person who clocks in 15 minutes late is expected to stay 15 minutes after the end of their shift to make up the time. Make sure people understand that they’re not clocking in 15 minutes late that they’re going to be automatically paid for because of your policy.

What Employees Really Want

Change Your Employee's Working Hours

Change Your Employee’s Working Hours

Employees want to be trusted and valued for the most part. This is the bottom line for many people, since receiving validation about their work is important due to the fact that they spend the majority of their time invested in it. Therefore, by treating your employees like colleagues rather than subordinates by allowing some flexibility with the time clock, you’ll earn trust and respect. Fostering a work environment built on trust and good communication starts with how you treat people’s time. Allowing employees to clock in a little late without penalty also infers that you trust they won’t take advantage of the system. Trust is a powerful tool and earns a sense of loyalty. When people know that they’re being trusted with something that’s in their control makes them want to be on your side. Unless you’re dealing with someone extremely insubordinate or unreasonable, you’ll be surprised to find how many people respect the system you’ve set up without question. Employees respond positively to this type of relaxed work environment, where responsibility for their own actions is handed back to them.

Things to Do Instead of Snacking

Keep Your Mind Busy.. So You Do Not Go Snaking

Keep Your Mind Busy.. So You Do Not Go Snaking

Snacking is easy to do, and that’s what makes it so damaging to your health. It’s easy to pick up a bag of chips, make a bag of popcorn for a movie, or buy a chocolate bar or two and excessive snacking is the worst thing you can do to your diet and to your health overall. People snack for a few different reasons. Sometimes they’re bored, sometimes they had a bad day and want a little pick-me-up, and sometimes they just want something to do with their mouth or hands. Very rarely do we seem to snack when we’re actually hungry, and that’s the problem. Instead of snacking when you shouldn’t be, try to find something else to alleviate those false feelings of hunger!

Drink Some Water

Drinking water Will Take The  Cravings Away

Drinking water Will Take The Cravings Away

On the off-chance that you’re snacking because you’re actually hungry, drinking some water will help with that. Thirst is often mistaken for hunger and if you aren’t getting your recommended amount of water each day, that can make you feel hungrier even when you aren’t. It’s best to keep a water bottle by you at all times so you can resist the urge to snack and get your daily recommended amount of water so you can keep yourself hydrated and healthy. If plain water isn’t your thing, drink some tea. Green tea is delicious and studies have shown that it just might have an appetite-suppressing quality to it, making it an especially good drink for those afternoon snack cravings.

Reach Out to Someone

For those that snack because they feel upset or lonely, reaching out to someone when you get a craving for snacks is one of the best things you can do. Cuddling up with a loved one releases oxytocin, which in addition to being essential for our well-being, also helps to regular appetite. Doing something that helps to trigger its release is going to make you less likely to want a snack because it makes you less likely to get those nagging cravings. Additionally, chatting with a friend or loved one is a great way to make those who get the urge to snack because of an oral fixation less likely to want to. It keeps your mouth less focused on snacking and more focused on having a conversation!


Draw Something... Anything

Draw Something… Anything

Last up is something that caters to those of us that snack because they want something to do with their hands. Doodling is great for relieving stress, so the next time you’re on a conference call that seems like it’s going on forever or when you’re waiting for your car to be finished when you’re getting it repaired and those courtesy snacks are calling out to you, pick up a pen and paper and doodle. Let your mind run free and you’ll be surprised how little you feel like snacking and how engrossed you’ll get in those seemingly pointless doodles that you might have written off otherwise. Instead of devouring everything in sight, doodling is a great alternative to keep your hands busy so you don’t end up reaching for that bag of chips with them.


The Goal Of Meditation Is To Focus And Quiet Your Mind

The Goal Of Meditation Is To Focus And Quiet Your Mind

Meditation is great for a lot of things, one of which is curbing those urges to mindlessly snack. It focuses attention on awareness of yourself at present as opposed to things you might be doing just out of habit or because you feel like you have to. On top of discouraging your urges to snack, meditation has also been shown to increase brain density when practiced regularly over a course of 8 weeks. Meditation is an especially good alternative to snacking if your cravings are coming from high stress levels or emotional upset, because it calms you down on top of distracting you as well.

Designer Fashion on a Not-So-Designer Budget

High-End Designs

High-End Designs

You might drool over the newest seasonal collection from Alexander McQueen or Zuhair Murad, but if you’re on an average budget, those beautiful dresses you see drifting down the runway can be pretty firmly out of reach. Do you really have to give up on your fashion dreams if you don’t have a bank vault stuffed with cash? Thankfully, no. There are plenty of ways to strut the streets in designer wear without having to drain your wallet.

Truly Great Fashion Is Timeless

That new wild collection is striking, but you can bet that it’ll be hopelessly dated within the next year. When you’re working with a limited budget, you don’t want to blow all your cash on the bleeding-edge experimental patterns and colors, and only wind up having one designer piece to work with. Stick with well-made, timeless patterns and colors. A sleek dove-gray suit edged with fine embroidery will always turn heads, and never go out of style, while that crazy leopard-print pantsuit will make you look like a clueless fossil within a few months.

Knock-Offs Won’t Always Help You Knock Anyone Out

Always Inspect A Products Quality

Always Inspect A Products Quality

Ah, the humble knock-off. They’re harmless, at times – really just a copy of a popular style, without the expensive name (and expensive price) attached. However, you really need to watch out. Always inspect quality first. Poor-quality stitching and material will make the whole piece fall apart in short order, and will be a dead giveaway to anyone with a sharp eye that you’re toting a knock-off. Having to continually replace knock-off pieces as they fall to pieces will really wind up draining your wallet, to the point where you could have bought the real deal in the first place.

Thrift Store Finds Can Be Absolutely Priceless

Remember that Simpsons episode where Marge finds a stylish pink Chanel suit in the bargain bin of a thrift store? (And then gets so caught up in trying to keep up that she spends her family’s savings on a single evening gown – this is what we’re trying to avoid!) Designer thrift store finds are more common than you’d think, especially if you’re a dedicated thriftier. There are always people trying to clear out their closets, and not everyone wants to deal with the hassle of trying to sell online, so thrift stores are still very much a prowling ground for a fashionista.

High End Fashion Is An Invaluable Addition To Your Collection

High End Fashion Is An Invaluable Addition To Your Collection

For the best results, you’ll want to hit multiple thrift stores on the regular. It’s best to gravitate to ones in more populated areas for the rate of turnover alone, and if you can find a store close to wealthy areas of town, all the better. You might have to deal with some duds, but real gems are absolutely invaluable additions to your collection. Remember to brush up on your sewing and restoration skills if needed – stitching up the minor tear or removing the coffee stain that caused it to be donated in the first place will really put you ahead.

Get In With the Fashion Community

We’re not talking about trying to break in to the world of high-end fashion yourself – though go ahead, if you really want to reach for the stars. Fashion fans will often have online communities, especially for more niche styles (i.e., Japanese Lolita fashion, fans of a certain celebrity’s style, and so on). These communities are an invaluable source of information on advice for everyone from beginners to experts, and usually have “swap” or “sale” forums for people interested in buying or selling pieces. Some forums even have “wanted” sections, where you can post your shopping wish-list for hopeful sellers to approach you. These sale forums can be your one-stop shop for whole ensembles, for everything from dress to shoes to purse to a myriad of accessories. Moderation is generally done by the community itself, which, of course, has its good and bad aspects. Helpful forum-goers will be able to assist newbies in the process of buying, and can provide advice on how to avoid common scams and warn against specific sellers known to be scammers or peddlers of counterfeit or low-quality product.